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Still building

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Still building

Post by Forcd4 »

Hey all,

Been years since I've even looked around the forum but from time to time i still get a little progress in. Been quite a few changes i tossed 95% of what i had in parts and had all but moved on from the et world. Came across another sedan 1 owner 90,000km on the clock not a mark on it inside or out so it was back on.

Have modified yaris electric power steering which i highly recommend, turbo is now a 3076r 42mm external gate have since these photos got an oil filler cap welded on, oil and water fittings complete, dump pipe wrapped and amazingly i wired it up to the wolf and had a walbro pump in a bucket and after maybe 5 years since of mods and forgotten knowledge it turned over first time and idled like new. Changed to all discs, got works wheels +35 offset extended wheel studs they sit 50mm past the guards probably fender flares but thats well into the future

Engine still isn't in the car, its an automatic and just in the process of club reg then slowly ill chip away at it.

So there it is its still a project in construction who knows if it will ever be finished i wont be chasing any power nunbers just to be able to drive a car that has less than 7 cup holders and i change the gears will be enough


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Still building

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