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FOR SALE Rules - MUST read before posting; contains Template

Complete cars Nissan N12's/ET's only - Wrecks to be added to parts forum.

Do NOT post ads for other car makes.

Threads inactive longer than 30 days are automatically removed.
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FOR SALE Rules - MUST read before posting; contains Template

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Please follow these guidelines prior to posting your For Sale items, failure to do so will result in the thread being removed.

*** Use the TEMPLATE at the bottom***
***and remember your location MUST be in the heading!***

•Lets keep this to cars that are N12 Turbo related.
•If you are selling more than one item, keep it to one thread. It will keep things fair for all users.
•This section is for private For Sale adverts only.
•Do not link to trading sites (eg. E-Bay). Do not tell people to solely refer such sites.
•Excessive bumping is not allowed, there are other people trying to sell things as well. One every couple of days is fine.
•Do not hijack threads - off topic discussion will be removed. If you have a question not related to the item, PM the seller or create a separate thread.

Once you have sold your car, please MARK the thread by editing your post or replying as a matter of courtesy

Remember there are scammers out there. So be careful.
If you notice something dodgy please report it to the moderators

These rules may be updated at any time. So keep an eye out!

Cut & Paste the follwing from the CODE window:

Code: Select all

•[b]FOR SALE:[/b] Whatever
•[b]Location:[/b] Helps a lot.
•[b]Item & Condition:[/b] describe the car you're selling & the condition you are selling it in.
•[b]Price and price conditions[/b]: Obviously how much you are chasing, and stuff like if you are or aren't willing to pay for postage
•[b]Extra Info:[/b] any other details you wish to mention.
•[b]Contact Details:[/b] PM, phone, email etc.
•[b]Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:[/b] eg whether you prefer pickup only, courier interstate, no COD etc.
•[b]Pictures:[/b] If you can get some pix to help describe the car, stick them or links to them here.
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