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Discovered speedhut.com for anyone after custom gauges

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Discovered speedhut.com for anyone after custom gauges

Post by Forcd4 »

So I'm beginning an all alloy dash and I'm not all that into auto meter I found speedhut.com and it's freakin awesome. You can customize your own gauges they got gps speedos, speedos with indicator led's. Quad gauges, and everything about the gauge you can customize yourself, dial colour, bezel colour, they log quarter mile times, 0-60foot, fuck theres a speedo that can cook a bacon and egg roll. Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party and this gem has already been mentioned but anyone after gauges its defiantly worth it. I'm on the bandwagon for sure
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Post by tassuperkart »

Seen this stuff a lont time ago.
Really nice clobber and customisable but ohh so exxie...!
Figure in 80/200 US$ each plus post which will really hurt.

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