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Forcd4 - getting there slowly -

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Forcd4 - getting there slowly -

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Haven't posted in a while, had all pics removed as all time outside of work has been dedicated to powerlifting so didn't want any distractions but have still done a few bits and pieces. Won't put up any pics till driving but for any who remember or care it was a blue sedan with an e15et, custom most things, well the car is now matte black, have just left the stock steel rims and spray'd em matte black aswell. Car is as low as bump stops would allow, in the process of just running a thin white wall will be the only colour on the car. Have ordered remakes of sentra fender mirrors, measuring for a rear half cage and looking into one full rear door glass instead of the wind down plus the wedge. Fitted the custom rocker cover with no oil filler cap and is fixed down with counter sunk screws instead of those ugly dome nuts. Whenever get time ill pull the fuel tank out and just run a 20l cell. Interior totally stripped to the last screw, just gunna go with 2 race bucket seats harnesses running off the cage. Will set seats mush lower that stock I'm 6'2 and from memory my dome was nearing the roof they'll be fixed seats so no one else will be driving the bitch. Guess that's it. Still yet to feel moving closer to finishing as it is more pulled apart than ever has been but at least it will be what I wanted as have moved on from the et or n12 look am aiming for it to be un recognisable from the shitty sedan it started as.
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keen to see where it's at now
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Keen to see the thing =)
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