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Scott's 87 N12 ET Turbo

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Scott's 87 N12 ET Turbo

Post by KLRET4 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:56 am

Name: Scott B
Location: Melbourne Vic
Year/Model: 1986 N12 ET Pulsar
Colour: Sunshine White
Period Of Ownership:Still Own - Bought Feb 2013

137KW @ Treads On 13 Psi
170KW @ Treads On 20 Psi

Engine Mods:
- ACL Duralite Pistons
- Chrome Rings
- Stage 3 Heads
- Stage 2 Crow Cam
- VL Throttle Body
- Intercooler With Custom Stainless Steel Piping
- Melpassi Adjustable Fuel Regulator
- Bosch Intank Fuel Pump & Inline VL Turbo Fuel Pump
- Garrett T25g Turbo (Factory High Mount Manifold)
- Full Exhaust System
- Microtech LT8S With Custom Loom

Interior Mods:
- Custom Door Trims
- Auto Meter Boost Gauge
- Pioneer Head Unit & Speakers
- Battery Relocated To Boot.

Ext Mods:

- 13" Steel Wheels Currently
- Simmons B45 15"/16" Soon

Future Plans:
- Currently In A Rebuild/Restore
- Engine To Be Inspected
- Gearbox To Be Replaced
- New Clutch
- Body Repair Needed On Rear Bumper Area
- Respray Front Guards
- Detalied To Show Quality
- Top 5 ET/Exa Drag Time.

Shall Keep You All Posted As Progress Steadys Along.

Thank You For Viewing My Pocket Rocket..

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Scott's 87 N12 ET Turbo

Post by Basalt84 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:23 am

Nice setup!

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Scott's 87 N12 ET Turbo

Post by Nathancoach » Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:59 am

@KLRET4 sweet ride. How's the Pioneer HU working out for you? Would you recommend it?

Sorry for being off topic. Maybe you can help me. I'm on a quest for a new stereo. I've been reading reviews about Pioneer stereos but they are useless hype. It's beyond me why people are doing it.

This head unit landed on my short list AVH-1550NEX. From all the blogs that I've read one stood out. The blogger was hyper critical about Pioneer and put me on the fence. The AVH-1550NEX radio review was OK until I've reached the shortcomings section.

How hard is to install these units anyways? What about that radio lag? Is it that bad?

Any tips are welcomed

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