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Replacement distributor cap for multi-coil ignition

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Replacement distributor cap for multi-coil ignition

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How to make a simple light-weight replacement distributor cap for multi-coil ignition

First find an old distributor cap, or one you're willing to destroy.

Then take a coping saw, or fine blade hack saw, and gently cut the cap off just under the lid. Cutting this far up means you will not need to modify the internals of the distributor. It is sensible to remove the rotor, although if you cut well it could remain in place.
Next, square off the cut and clean it up. I did this by had on the disc of my bench Linisher, with the Linisher turned off. This smooth flat sandpapered surface gave a good smooth, flat finish. You could also do this with a piece of sandpaper laid on the bench, held at one end. Work by sanding away from the held end. It is best to keep adjusting your grip and turning the cap slightly each time. This overcomes the natural tendency apply more pressure on the leading and trailing edges causing a 'bow' or not flat finish.

Next, find a disc to glue on to the cap. In this case, I found one of those cheap sink plugs is a perfect size!
I did try some other plastics, but found that they wouldn't glue to the cap. To confirm that your option works I'd recommend a test glue to the discarded part of the cap.
Clean and prep surface then glue in place with quality super glue, not those 20 tubes for a $1 you get in the cheapie stores.
Allow to dry and re-install: