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Site Maintenance Updates

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Site Maintenance Updates

Post by KiloooNL »

This thread is for all site related maintenance updates and logging.

[23/01/2017] - Large Site-Wide Forum Overhaul

The forum has been updated to PHPBB 3.2, this is one of the biggest updates the forum has seen in a very long time.
There is quite a lot of new functionality with this massive update.

The old theme/style that was on the old forum has since been depreciated and no longer exists.
Over the next few months I hope to update this 'stock' looking theme to something that resembles the old look, while adding further functionality.
If anybody is interested in helping to take on this huge task, please shoot me a PM.

Now, let's get on to what happened in this update:
  • Now MOBILE friendly!!!!
  • Added GZip functionality - this should result in faster page load times, search results, etc.
  • There is a new 'Topic Preview' extension. Hover over a thread to see the first & last post.
  • Attachments are now available. You can attach a picture to a post with the 'attachment' tab under the text editor. Add a file then click 'Place Inline' to add it to your text.
  • Image resizing: there is now an inbuilt feature where if you insert an image with the BBCode IMG tag, it will automatically resize to an appropriate size. This is very useful, and means you don't have to edit and reduce a picture's resolution so it fits on the page! This is all now handled automatically.
If you experience any issues browsing the new forums, please comment here.
I have checked most things but I can't check for everyone.
If you have issues logging in - clear your cookies.

Enjoy the new site! Let us know if you want anything added in the future, heaps is planned, let's bring the N12 Forums back to life!

[24/01/2017] - New Forum Header Image
Check out the new forum header image!

[18/05/2017] - Site Maintenance & Hosting
On 21/05/2017 we will be moving the n12turbo.com site & hosting server, as a result, the site may be down for 24-72hrs thereafter.
The forum will be closed on 21/05/2017 to allow for preparation of this process.

Please save any forum posts you may need during this time to your computer or device, as once this process begins the forum will be locked & inaccessible.

[23/05/2017] - Site Back Online
The site & forums are restored, thanks for your patience!

[03/07/2017] - Added Quick Reply
You know that very useful thing called Quick Reply that used to be here but since the forums got updated it disappeared?
Well it's back. You can even upload attachments now! Woohoo!

[15/07/2017] - Cloudflare Integration
N12Turbo.com and all subdomains (eg, forum.n12turbo.com) are now fully integrated with Cloudflare.
This will result in less spam, and better cache rules site wide, which translates to improved load time & performance site-wide.

[05/09/2017] - Social Media Login Integration
Finally, you can login to the forums using your social media account! At this point in time we have only enabled Facebook, we may add more site integrations later on should we feel there is demand for it.

On the home page or login page, click the big Facebook icon to login with your social media account.
Capture.PNG (4.46 KiB) Viewed 5439 times
If you already have an N12Turbo account, you can link your social media account by going to your profile settings here and clicking the "Link social network accounts" tab and selecting a social network account to link with. It's that easy!

[08/02/2018] - Account Activation Changes
Ah, spam bots. Lovely spam bots.
Lately there has been an increase of spam bots on the forum, we have a number of anti-spam measures in place, but eventually they end up getting past them. I'm looking into some more solutions to this problem, but for now accounts have to be activated by an Admin or Moderator.

Once I figure out some improved solutions I'll revert this back to user activation via activation email.

[17/10/2019] - PHPBB Updates
PHPBB was updated to the latest version, and some new plugins added. Just some behind the scenes stuff.

[20/10/2019] - Site Maintenance and Updates
The site is likely going offline from 6PM 20/10/2019 as we perform site maintenance and hosting migration to an Australian Hosting company.
It may be down for up to 24 hours.
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Re: Site Maintenance Updates

Post by tassuperkart »

Many props to you Ben for the amount of work you have done with the "old" forum.
Im sure I speak for everyone on here.
Forcd4 wrote:Oh fuk no dude it's you a again, the oracle.
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Re: Site Maintenance Updates

Post by N12Turbo »

Howdy Tas and Ben, and any of the other old crew still lurking.

I seem to pop in every couple of years or so and see what's going on with N12Turbo.com. Activity is not what is used to be, but expected with the age of the cars now. To tell you the truth, I can't recall the last time I saw a boosted N12 on the streets around SE Qld, which is a shame.

Thanks Ben for taking on the forum management. I saw the thread from Tarragon a few years ago about maybe shutting the site and forum down. Please drop me a line at dwaldock01@gmail.com if you ever consider turning the switch - that would be a very sad day!

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