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Classifieds minimum postcount limit?

Got a problem, suggestion or compliment? Post it here.

How many posts should you need before using classifieds?

Leave it at zero
No votes
Fifty sounds good
Some other number (please specify)
Total votes: 11

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Post by Kimmo »

It would actually encourage any folks wanting to just sell stuff to actually participate, too... one or two of might become regulars as a result...
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Post by madn12 »

guessing this is a dead end??

have also noticed recently that the template seems optional and rarely used... is it that people dont care or its just not being watched over as much?
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Post by Callumgw »

Admins can be busy people, so if you see a port that misses the template, let the guy know and maybe forward it to the admins for back up.

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Post by shanec86 »

shanec86 wrote:well im trying to update to phpbb 3 but i cant because i dont own the hosting and havent got full control. ive already tried 3 different ways :(
see quote. Current software does not support this
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