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Suspension Options? What parts will fit?

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Suspension Options? What parts will fit?

Post by theS-man88 »

Hey guys,

With the new motor and gearbox installed, it's looking like time to replace the blown Monroe Gas shocks that my ET rolls around on.

I haven't been able to find anything definitive with a search, so I thought I might start this thread. I'm interested in some information regarding what parts will fit and work well.

Firstly, would anyone happen to know whether N13/N14 struts will bolt up? I'm sure that stock springs are too large in diameter and the bolt pattern on the strut top is different, but I am specifically asking about the length of the strut body and whether the spacing/size of the holes on the strut leg will bolt up? If they do, using GTIR coilovers or similar may be an option with a strut top modification / stock N12 strut tops swapped on, which would open up a few options.

Secondly, does anyone happen to know the part number of the Koni Special inserts which Callumgw used for the article on installing front strut inserts? I have found these: http://www.eshocks.com/bil_Ind.asp?VC=5 ... %20vehicle, but I am not sure that N13 inserts will fit in an N12 strut body.

Thirdly, are there any options regarding rear springs? King Low springs might be the go, but I think I may have seen someone get an adjustable platform to suit coilover springs to suit? Anyway, it would be great to know.

And finally, I just wanted to ask anyone who might know whether any of these parts will work?

Front Camber Bolts:
http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll ... ink:top:en

Rear Shocks:
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mk1-Mk2-Esco ... uhb=1#shId
(I think that MK2 Escort rear shocks might fit an N12? Not sure about the valving though.)

Front Coilover Sleeve Kit 51mm:
http://www.otomoto.com.au/p/4116535/hsd ... -kit-.html

Sorry for such a long winded post! I'd greatly appreciate any helpful contributions here, and I'm sure it will help someone else out at some point as well.

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