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rebuilding old brake calipers

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rebuilding old brake calipers

Post by rubixcube101 »

Now this is most likely because they've been sitting ducks for 10 years. I went to go rebuild the rear brake calipers and it seems as though there has been quite a bit of corrosion built up.

I managed to disassemble one of the rears and cleaned up most of it so however there was a small amount of pitting in the cylinder bore. I gave it a good sand with 800g fine so it didnt ruin the rest of the bore as your not meant to sand it and managed to get a fair amount off. Is this caliper ok to reuse?

The second one on the other hand is seized, and the adjustment screw wont turn. The stupid tip is shaped such that you can only use an open spanner, and width wise is less than half! so it is impossible to get leverage. I might take it to the brake shop and ask if they can undo it. Anyone got any ideas or had the same issue? EDIT: Problem solved... just whacked it with a hammer several times until the piston came out.

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