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Welcome guys

General chat related to anything N12.
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Welcome guys

Post by N12Turbo »

Hey Guys,

Welcome to the new forum. A big thanks to Shane, Uschi, Glenn and the other guys that got this forum all setup and running smoothly. These guys will also be the main admin of the forum and will keep it all clean and functioning like it should!

We kept the number of subject headers down to try and keep most discussion in the one area... (here).

We wanted to try and keep some similarity to the old yahoo site, in the regard that all posts were mostly on the same page/list. Unless that becomes a huge problem in the future, it'll stay like that for a while.

So by all means, get stuck into posting all the tech/mod questions that the yahoo group used to see, and at the same time don't be shy to reply with ideas/advice!

The boys will be frequently be scanning the threads to offer input and at the same time make sure its all kept clean.

Again hope you all enjoy the forum and full credit for all of this goes to the admin boys that put lots of time into getting this running..

Cheers guys!

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Post by thepurplepulsar »

Cheers Dave, yeah the forum looks good... well done to Shane Glenn for making it pretty. It's great that n12turbo.com going strong, with thanks to you Dave.

Hopefully this 'new' direction that we are taking with the forum will expand greatly on the n12 community. It's good to see we've already recieved 40 members in under 24hours of being online.

I encourage everyone to make full use of this forum especially the Members Rides section, it's always great to see pictures and hear updates of what going on with members cars.

Hope you all enjoy the forum.

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