I'm not a fan of v8's but.........

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I'm not a fan of v8's but.........

Post by Forcd4 » Sun May 27, 2012 5:48 pm

I was at a mates the UFC was on it was a fucking bloodbath I loved it, but anyway there was a dude there that bought his ve caprice...... 427 harrod supercharged, I've never seen a charger like it. It is a screw type bolted to a water to air cooler that bolts to the inlet manifold with the s charger bolted to the top of that.... And the s charger pully was at the rear of the motor not far for the fire wall, the cooler assembly sat low wia pulley on the front with a common shaft all the way through to the rear..... Apparently nearly impossible to tighten thes charger belt.

50 grand on the engine later, 800 horses, this fucker was breaking traction on a sweeping bend while we were easily over 100 clicks...... It is up there with on the list of meanest beasts I've been in...... Not my cup of tea but I appreciated the work gone into it can't wait to see it at Calder park.
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