got another et 18 months after having to sell my last :D

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got another et 18 months after having to sell my last :D

Post by robbo » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:11 am

Bought an ET off Chris yesterday, of all people my mrs says lets go have a look and then got her approval without even having to open my mouth to ask. Apparently what money I was under budget with on the $5k exa build has now gone to this car but I'm not complaining :P

From what I could tell/Chris told me:
-bit of surface rust and a couple of spots which will need to be patched
-2 1/4" turbo back exhaust into apexi muffler
-6x9" jenson speakers and some kind of amp
-battery in boot
-t28 turbo
-lowered on king springs
-1500km since motor was rebuilt, definitely cammed and possibly stroked
-boost and oil pressure gauges
-was originally two tone blue, but white has been sprayed over to make the car all blue
-had an intercooler but this was replaced with a piece of straight pipe
-hks bov

pics to follow in the next couple of days....

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