Rules & Template for using the Trader Rating

Where to post any record of a good or sour trading deal. **Not a forum to vent or seek vengence**
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Rules & Template for using the Trader Rating

Post by The Renegade » Sat Jan 20, 2007 1:25 pm

Please follow these guidelines prior to posting your Trader Rating, failure to do so will result in the post being removed.

•Lets keep this to people who are on this forum, and transactions conducted on this forum
•This section is for private transactions only. Nothing Commercial!
•Do not hijack threads - if someone posts a comment about someone and you have a different opinion based on a transaction of your own, then post your own comment.
•If you have a comment posted about you that you believe is incorrect or unfair, let a Moderator know & we will look into it.

Have the User Name as the topic.
Cut and Paste the following that applies:


Code: Select all

[color=green][b]Recommended Trader -[/b][/color] 
Then add the user name so it looks like this:
Recommended Trader - The Renegade a.k.a Glenn Griffin


Code: Select all

[color=red]Sour Trader -[/color] 
[color=red]Reason: [/color]
[color=red]Reported By: [/color]
Then add their names, a reason & your name so it looks like this:
Sour Trader - ET2LOW a.k.a. Scott Martin.
Reason: I paid $120 for a digital dash which I never recieved. Scott will not respond to phone, SMS or E-mail.
Reported By: The Renegade a.k.a Glenn Griffin

Any Sour Trade deals that are posted that don't have a reason and the name of the person reporting will be deleted. No questions.

These rules may be updated at any time. So keep an eye out!
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