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Hi all ive finally got round to starting this artilce which i have been meaning to do for ages. I will try to include as much information as possible but feel free to ask about anything i have excluded

S15 Brake Upgrade to n12

offroad use only not adr approved


4 x 16"Wheels with require brake clearance

2 x Wheel bearing kits

4 x caliper mount bolt and spring washers

2 x Nissan 4 pot brake caliper and rotors (i used s15)

2 x Wheel spacers

8 x Long wheel studs as required

2 x Brake hoses s15 type will work

2 x small pieces of 12mm plate


1) Remove Hubs and dismantle. Press apart bearings and remove backing plate you should, now have an upright and hub spindle

2) Machine hub spindle so new disks rotors will slide on. About 0.1mm clearance to ensure a close fit.

3) Disk rotors now must be redrilled to suit 114.3 x 4 pcd. The rotor is located on the machined surface of the hub spindle (step 2) so holes can be drilled a with clearance.

4) Refit only outer bearing and cone to hub and upright

5) Now dumbie assemble hub rotor and upright (do not fit inner bearing)

6) Next step is to measure up hub and caliper to work out axlial alignment

A must = B

where A is the measurement from the outter caliper bracket face to the centre of the disk rotor and B is the mount surface of the caliper to the centre of the caliper

For example if B is 10mm bigger than A. You could space the dick of the hub 10mm or remove material for the mating mount faces. i used a combination of the two (5mm spacer 2,5mm of each of the mounting faces.

7) Before you machine the upright you must work out axial alignment

The caliper should sit so the disk pads are completely on the rotor. And gap between caliper and rotors are equal

Picture shows how holes will align

When welding use large preps and preheat

Max clearence on mount holes 0.5mm

if longer wheel studs are needed fit theres before installing inner bearing

8)Fit inner bearing make sure you put standard spacer between bearings

9)reinstall brake lines and bleed brakes

10) when complete test drive brake pedal maybe be lower then before .

Pics tell the rest of the story up date soon




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