Regency Defect List. South Australia.

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Regency Defect List. South Australia.

Post by Aaidan » Thu Apr 24, 2008 7:38 am

Here is a list of what is checked over on your defected car while at the vehicle inspection station of South Australia.

If there is anything else anyone would like to add, please feel free to message me instead of cluttering this thread up.



*Always be polite.
*Thank them and be interested in what they have to say.
*DONT ARGUE BACK - The best way to keep your car defected.
*Speak when spoken too.
*Let them get on with their job, stand back and observe

* If there is still something defectable on it and they defect you again for it, accept it, you have to go back through there again so leave them on a good note.

*Dress respectable, you want to leave a good impression, show that your responsible.

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Post by The Renegade » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:21 pm

Nice work Aaidan - this ones a keeper.
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