How to fit longer wheel studs & 17 inch rims

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How to fit longer wheel studs & 17 inch rims

Post by angel » Thu Aug 03, 2006 10:35 pm

Hi all
A while back we were having a discussion about 17 inch mags spacers
and wheel studs. Anyway i have just gone through the process and
would like to share it with you all.

First thing first, the wheel studs, my friend got some for me at
trade price, which was around $3.80 each, but he got the wrong ones.
Instead of 1.25, he got 1.5. so i used 1.5 nuts. The correct part
number is as below, made by the company 'nice products'.

Stud and nut: NS462 (standard) Long stud :S4570 (72mm)

website for studs and nuts
These can be purchased from repco autobarn etc.

I then bought a pair of 8mm slip on spacers from autobarn for $30.
I then grinded a decent amount off the control arms (you should put
some welds in just to reinforce it).

I then, and this is the important bit, spaced out the rear shocks a
little, check out the pic below for a better understanding.

This gave me quite a few mm clearance, allowing me to use a small spacer.
Also for the 17's you will probably need your guards rolled, and maybe
flared, i know i did.

The studs aren't that hard to replace, for those of you who may be hesitant.
Just undo the cap that covers the bearing and nut, then remove the
bearing and nut. Then bash back the standard studs. Then remove the
two 12mm bolts on the caliper so you can loosen it, and open up the
hub. You will have enough space to romove the old studs and replace it
with the new ones.
To make sure the new studs were in properly, i just used the bolt
supplied and bolted it onto the stud using a rattle gun. I tightened
it until the head of the stud was flush with the back of the hub. I
then put it all together, and presto!

I hope this all makes sense. Anyway here are some quick pics of
the finished products.
Sorry it was dark ...

Article by Angel Chercoles

Additional Info:

Boost Truck Racer:
Also front studs off an early 80s Bluebird are quite long and work well.

Panda ET:
To get around the problem with grinding the control arms you need to pump the guards out a little.

I went with a +40 offset and 10mm spacer with longer studs. I only really needed an 8mm spacer but couldn't find one.
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