Microtech Basic Fuel and Ignition Settings.

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Microtech Basic Fuel and Ignition Settings.

Post by tassuperkart » Mon May 28, 2007 10:46 am

Here are some basic Microtech ECU fuel and ignition settings to help get you up and running.

It is presumed you have a Microtech tuning handpiece or a laptop AND you know how to connect and use them.

This is NOT an initial setup guide. You can buy that from Microtech.
It is assumed that you have already set up and commissioned the system and can guarantee the firing orders and initial ignition values are correct.

These are just a set of fuel and ignition values you can enter to actually get your engine going and drive it.

Bear in mind, these settings would be for stock ET injector sizes.
If you are using larger injectors, you need to work out the percentage increase in flow between the stock and larger items.
You can then DECREASE by that same percentage your Mixtrm function found in setup screen S1
This adjustment is an overall or "global" fuel trim which affects every fuel tuning point by the percentage entered.
This will work as a basic starting point only and caution should be used when on-road testing it.

Tables by SashET.

Importantly, your global mixture trim (Mixtrm) and ignition timing trim (Timtrm) functions found in Options setup screen (s1) should be set to zero. (unless using bigger injectors as mentioned above)

Also, ensure that your RPMwot (f2) and RPMcrs (f4) and also set to zero right thru ALL the rpm ranges (500 - 8000rpm) in those screens.

Lastly, in the Static screen (s1) ensure the setting is 10 degrees.

Now, set your WATER (f7) tables.
These are the equivalent to your choke in a carb car.

Zero (0) degrees and below zero (-0) water temp, set the fuel increase percentage to 60% and smoothly reduce the percentage as you click thru the temperature values to 0% at above 68 Degrees.
This will be sufficient to get it started from cold and should keep it going as it warms up.
See table below.
WaterTempvs.gif (4.28 KiB) Viewed 41 times
Next you can load up the fuel and ignition values in the tables below.
t-map-t-rpm-LoadMaps.gif (10.05 KiB) Viewed 41 times
Now, assuming you have the initial advance setting at 10 degrees then you can read off the chart below using the rpm values down the left side and the manifold vac/boost value along the top to give you an ignition figure for that particular load and rpm.

Ie: 3000rpm @ 6psi boost = 30 degrees total ignition advance.

Always check with a timing light that the Trpm ignition figures you have entered corresponds with the figure you get off the engine with a timing light.

Early MT ECU's do not include the 10 deg initial advance in the Trpm table
So, at 1500rpm @ 25"hg, add up 10 Deg (initial) + 5 Deg (Vac advance) + 15deg (Trpm advance) so the timing light should show 30 degrees.

Later ECU's include this figure so if you see, say 25 deg in the Trpm screen then thats what you have plus any corrections such as Vac advance/boost retard.

If your sure the timing light readings match the table figures then your good enough to go.

DO NOT make ANY changes to load maps until the engine is thoroughly warmed up and you are positive the engine temp is above 60 degrees and so well off the cold running tables.
A word of warning.
These are SUGGESTED SETTINGS only and not to be taken as gospel. They are good enough to get you going, straight to your favourite dyno tuning man.
The ignition settings are fairly aggressive and would guarantee good power but extreme caution should be used when testing them.

If your in any doubt at all then consider retarding the ignition far more heavily when above 8psi boost before any on road testing and always use super premium fuel.

If your engine grenades on these settings then thats your bad luck. You've been told.

These tables are courtesy of SashET.
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Post by SashET » Mon May 28, 2007 12:05 pm

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Here's the Ignition 3D Curve for those settings;



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