needing help building a worked n/a e13 maybe e15

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needing help building a worked n/a e13 maybe e15

Post by MattoRX7 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:32 pm

Hey guys just going to race my datto and I want to use a e13 motor. A few questions. E series strength, are they all as strong as each other? Are the cranks the same strength/design? Any tips?

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Post by tassuperkart » Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:09 pm

If your going to try and get any meaningful power from an atmo E13/15 then your going to rev it to absolute buggery. Im talking 10,000rpm + so you need to set realistic goals against money.

If its just a bunky, you could just freshen one up. Use an E15et (15m) head along with a balance job and limit the revs to about 7-7.5krpm and it will last a long time.

Id use a set of motorcycle carbs off a GSXR1100 and modify an atmo inlet manifold to suit.

For a real big revver?
There is noupper limit to money chasing big revs, so dont even think about saving a few dollars here and there.
And dont ask how much it will cost as thet means you cant afford it!!
Really simple, not being a smart-arse but its the way it is.

if you want to see how they get decent power from them, id start looking around at the speedways. The Litre midgets still use them rather than the motorcycle engines.

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