how do I raise compression in a e15et to about 10.5-11:1 rat

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how do I raise compression in a e15et to about 10.5-11:1 rat

Post by MattoRX7 » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:23 am

Hey guys just working on a project and I want to n/a a e15 motor. Im guessing the strongest motor is the e15et? I have to use a e15 block and I was thinking could I use a combination maybe getting a e16 crank and getting e15et forged pistons milled down? Just wondering if anybody knows a good combination for a worked n/a e15? Thanx

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Post by Damo » Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:32 am

Hey Matt, as for strength between the turbo and non turbo, you are probably correct in assuming that the turbo is stronger, but for all intents and purposes they are both 'bullet proof'. The biggest ceiling you will come across will be a rev limit of the OE gear. Wether you are using the E15, E15T or E16 bits, you should have them balanced and lightened to allow for bigger operating window. The E16s have a light weight tapered wrist pin with would be advantageous to higher rpm, the E16 rod is the same length as turbo rod with a little less mass which would also make it the pick (but you can always lighten what you have), and the E16 crank has a fully counterbalanced crank which reduces stress on the crank at higher revs compared to the E15 (but carries the extra mass which works against a quick reving engine!). But the best combo (in my opinion) would be the NA E15 rods in a E16 block with E16 crank. Top them with some GA16 pistons, they will need flycuts to clear the valves, and you have your 10:1+ compression. The chambers on the E16 head will potentially give a better squish with the GA flat top pistons also.

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